'Peter R. Seward/James E. Seward/Walter J. Dittmar' at the 7444 Gallery

'Peter R. Seward/James E. Seward/Walter J. Dittmar'
"End Times: Past, Present"
September 3rd - October 4th 2009
Opening Thursday September 3rd at 6p

Peter R. Seward + James E. Seward + Walter J. Dittmar
"End Times: Past, Present"

Peter Seward's recent paintings depict his own biblical mythology and are a part of his inherited legacy of religious illustration. Seward grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where Union Gospel Press has published the Gospel Herald for over a century. The work in this exhibition is by three generations of artists who contributed artwork to UGP: Walter J. Dittmar, 1879–1964, who was a follower of Jesus Christ and an art teacher; Peter's father, James E. Seward, born in 1926, is an ordained minister and still a painter and illustrator of biblical themes; and Peter Seward, agnostic, born in 1962.

When employed at the Union Gospel Press in the 1960s, Peter's father rescued about twenty of Dittmar's original illustrations from the garbage bin around the time of Dittmar's death and Peter's birth. The works date from 1907 to 1928. These works loomed large in Peter's imagination as a kid as they were "just around and out in our small house."

Six of Dittmar's wildly ambitious ink drawings and paintings are included in the exhibit. They are truly a labor of love going beyond the contractual work for hire. These artworks depict apocalyptic scenes commenting on the events of the artists' day: the Hindenburg, World War I, the Roaring Twenties. (Paradoxically, he was also a cover illustrator for many of the rag-based songs published by Vandersloot Music that were steeped in ethnic stereotypes of the times and depict racist caricatures.) Color blind, Dittmar's editorial cartoons are ink drawings with only one additional hue.

A print of James E. Seward's 2008 painting, "Peace! Be still!" depicts a story of Jesus calming the sea from the book of MARK, and hangs alongside Peter Seward's "Nascar Rapture" and "Tower of Babel."

"Nascar Rapture" is about the New Testament prophecy where Christians—living and dead—are whisked into the Heavens for everlasting life. The scene is placed at the Nascar Track where the unfortunates left behind suffer the flames of Hell-on-Earth, resulting from the crash of cars whose faithful drivers are among the "raptured," breaking the bonds of gravity into celestial light.

Seward's "Tower of Babel" is a biblical parable about man’s ambition to touch the heavens and the ruination by God of this architectural endeavor by creating different languages to thwart progress. This version of "Babel" juxtaposes the 19th-century world of Superintendent of the Adirondack Survey, Verplanck Colvin (1847–1920), with modern wireless communication infrastructure.


'HOBO FEST 2009'
Music Fest
Sunday September 6th 2009 from Noon - Late

HoboFest2009 is an all-day free music event with the themes of railroads, the hobo-lifestyle, and economic depressions.

Sunday, September 6th, Hobofest starts with the arrival of the first train in Saranac Lake at 11:45am. Organized by Seward's Folly Productions and hosted by 7444 Gallery at 28 Depot Street, Hobofest will continue well into the evening. An open-grill will be available for those who bring their own "vittles." Please also bring lawn chairs or blankets for lounging while listening to a line up of music.

The mix of imported and local acts include veteran roots musician, John Cohen (Hudson Valley). Brian Dewan, Frankenpine (a Brooklyn-based acoustic band which now includes former Saranac Laker Ned Rauch), Big Slyde's intricate, lush sound, The Starlights (a female vocal group led by George Bailey), Steve Langdon, and Just Jills—a new acoustic band. Open jams are scheduled, so bring your instruments and a Hobo song.

John Cohen's photographs are in major museum collections and his award-winning films, including "High Lonesome Sound" (1962), have been shown on PBS and BBC and at festivals worldwide. His trio, New Lost City Ramblers, has received several Grammy nominations. His music and field recordings have shaped the old time fiddle music revival and influenced many musicians including Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, and Ry Cooder. The Grateful Dead song "Uncle John's Band" on the Workingman's Dead album was a tribute to Cohen and his band. Recent coverage of 'The New Lost City Ramblers' log on to:


Brian Dewan now lives in the town of Catskill. His talents are wildly diverse and include music from the "forgotten corners of history," home-made analog synthesizers, filmstrips, illustration, and sculpture. He has created original music for Blue-Man-Group, and Sesame Street, appeared on the Tonight Show, and painted album-cover art for David Byrne.

"The idea of HoboFest was born when I heard Saranac Lake's Danny Ryan read his story about attending the National Hobo Convention in Iowa," says organizer Peter Seward. Danny will present an updated version at Hobofest. While not a Hobo himself, Danny does not own a car and journeys out of the region hitchhiking with his "not a weirdo" sign.

HoboFest embraces the railroad as a dormant resource in our remote mountain location. While the Scenic Railroad services mostly out-of-towners visiting Lake Placid, Hobofest hopes to attract the local population of Saranac Lake to the train and the area around Depot Street. We also hope to establish an event that is truly a grassroots effort, with community cooperation, and not much overhead. Performers play for free and admission is free.

Barkeater Workshop Show

'Barkeater Workshop'
Saturday August 15th 2009 from 6-9p

Barkeater Photography Workshop: with Aaron Hobson

This presentation of work will be completed by
the advanced photography students of this 3 day workshop.

Opening reception Saturday August 15th from 6p until 9p
(meet the artists. this event is a one night only opening)
Gallery Summer Hours
Tuesday - Saturday 10a-3p
or call 518-282-4743

Presented by 7444 Gallery
August 13th - 15th 2009

Location: 7444 Gallery, 28 Depot Street, Saranac Lake, NY, 12983, 518-282-4743

Photographer Aaron Hobson and gallery owner/curator Todd Smith present an international workshop at the 7444 Gallery. Hobson's students will present their close quarter panoramic, open ended narrative style in an engaging participatory manner. Students from around the globe will ascend on the Adirondack Park in search of inspiration and instruction in Aaron's acclaimed style. The workshop will include daily field assignments with local models and advanced computer technology sessions.
Among his many recognitions and awards, Hobson is the recent recipient of the Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 2009 competition award in Paris, France. Hobson's work has been displayed in 2008 at Collette Blanchard Gallery, New York, NY, Drkrm. Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Tenderpixel Gallery, London, England, in 2007 at Ivy Brown's Gallery, New York, NY, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh, PA, and the 7444° Gallery, Saranac Lake, NY. The 7444 Gallery is a progressive contemporary gallery