9th June 2011 thru the 4th July 2011
(meet the artist opening reception Thursday, June 9th from 5p)

'I have long been inspired by the drawn mark…line weight, swiftness and deliberate execution.'

I am captivated by the energized line naturally found in the strength and determination of the vine tendril as seen melding in a forested cluster or clinging to urban brick. I experience the individual tendrils as if evoking a written language within nature, visually reminiscent of the vertical, dripping gestures of Fujiwara Sukamasa, the tenth century Japanese calligrapher.

In my work I use the vine tendril as my drawing tool, as my mark. The twisting, gripping forms transform into a 3-dimensional line and interplay with surface shadow. Simultaneously my intent is to present a deception of perception, as when surfaces reveal to be other than they appear. In my work I alter the appearance of the vine tendril’s thin bark with burnishing techniques such as steel wool and coatings of clear shellac, creating a mark that appears to be fabricated; mechanically twisted, metalized, and disassociated from its natural intent. The assemblages and surface papers evoke a perceived interpretation while at the same time provoking a realization of the naturalness of the vine tendril. I want to present the viewer with a conscience moment of that realization.

My pencil and graphite drawings explore individual tendrils as statements of tension, power and fluidity.

Russell's studio is located in Glens Falls, NY at the historic Shirt Factory, a collective of artists studios, shoppes and galleries.

KYLE FORD | second nature

on display:
14th May 2011 thru the 4th June 2011
(meet the artist opening reception Saturday, May 14th from 8p - close)

Archival Pigment Print
Edition of 15

“The Ultra Majestic Mountain” is the title of the most recent iteration of the Paramount Pictures logo. Birthed from the mind of an illustrator, the infamous Paramount Mountain does not actually exist in real life. However, if asked to describe a mountain visually, most might appropriate the aesthetics of this logo as a basis for their depiction.

The Paramount Pictures logo has embedded itself in the American visual lexicon. So much so, that its non-existence often escapes us. Consequently, it has transformed our expectations of what a real mountain can/or should be.

The Ultra Majestic Mountain, Wyomissing, PA
is a direct allusion to the allegory of Plato’s Cave. Socratic thought suggests that if a man is only exposed to projections of reality (shadows), then when exposed to actual reality he would believe he was gazing upon an untruth. For him, the shadows have become his reality.


I am fascinated with the way we represent the natural world by preparing it for display and visual consumption. Decided manipulations like selective preservation and engineered wilderness, act as a lens to explore ideas of mediated experience, perpetuated aesthetics, and transformative hyper-reality. This series is a catalogue of the varied ways we go about [re] contextualizing the “natural world,” and thus, redefining the way we perceive it.


Kyle Ford

2011 Summer/Fall Schedule

5/14 . Gallery Opening. Kyle Ford. . 8p - close

6/3 . First Friday Film

6/9 . Gallery Opening. Russell Serrianne. . 5p - close

7/1 . First Friday Film

7/7 . Gallery Opening. Sandy MacDonald. . 5p - close

8/5 . First Friday Film

8/13 . Book Signing/Gallery Opening. Adirondack Great Camps By F-Stop Fitzgerald and Richard McCaffrey . 5p - close

9/2 . First Friday Film

9/4 . Hobofest

10/1 . Book Signing/Gallery Opening. The 7444 Gallery

10/5 – 10/9 . Adirondack Aperture: fall foliage digital photography workshop w/Burdette Parks.

11/4 . First Friday Film – B Rate Horror . 8p

11/10 . Gallery Opening. The 7444 Collective . 5p - close

12/2 . First Friday Film – B Rate Horror . 8p

**Gallery Hours Tuesday thru Saturday 1a – 3p from 5/1/11 thru 1/1/12

**Gallery open by appointment from 1/1/12 thru 5/1/12