shu juan LU

shu juan LU: fashion art
July 9th - August 3rd 2009
Opening Thursday July 9th at 5p


Born in China in 1973.
Studied fashion design and haute couture dress making between 2002-2006 in New York and Paris. Designed the " Circle" collection Oct. 2004: hand cut wool felt and wool jersey in circles. Recipient of 2007 American Craft Council Award of Excellence . First prize winner at 2007 Washington Craft Show. Selected as exhibiting artist for 2008 Smithsonian Museum Craft Show and 2007 Philadelphia Museum craft show.

What was your inspiration for the line?
I was out of ideas at the time when I started to design this collection. I picked up one of mistakes I made months ago: I tried to make a circle skirt from silk organza without putting a zipper in. So I cut a circle as the waistline in the center of a bigger circle. when the center circle is the waist size, I couldn't pull over the hip. so I cut the inner circle big enough to pull over the hip, but it wouldn't fit the waist. I didn't know what to do with it for a long time. One day I started to play with it, I put it on the body in many different ways. The circle collection started with one of the ways I liked.

What encouraged you to get involved in fashion design?
I was always very picky. A lot of times I couldn't find something to buy when I was shopping. So I started to study fashion just to make something for myself .

Why is the circle shape chosen to be the basis of this collection?
I didn't choose it. It just happened. It stared from a mistake. One thing leads to another. Before I knew it, I found more then 10 ways to cut a circle already. I believe there are more ways to be discovered.

What is the most distinct feature about your work?
The most distinct feature is by putting a flat circle on a human body , instantly it turns into a wearable sculpture. By cutting alone--no seam, no sewing ,in a circle form only, to create a very sculptural collection--coat , vest, dress, skirt, cape and possible more . By cutting a different body of fabric--stiff and soft-- like wool felt and wool jersey into a same circle pattern, the results are totally different. Most of the cuts can be worn in few different ways. Especially, "the magic circle", this is one cut in wool jersey which can be worn in more than 8 different ways.