Margo Fish + Usrla Wyatt Trudeau

Margo Fish + Ursula Wyatt Trudeau:
paintings and thoughts
August 6th - August 31st 2009
Opening Thursday August 6th at 6p

Margo Fish

A transformative energy for earths reconciliation.

Margo Fish (B.A., A.A. Fine Arts, M.DIV.) graduated from Union Theological Seminary, married a theologian and mother of four children. She is an artist and poet and religion teacher, living in New York City and the Adirondack Mountains. She has had many one person shows in the United States and has shown in Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, Oxford University, and Hydra Greece. The Hanover Gallery in Edinburgh shows her work. Her paintings are in private collections in Europe and North America.
She is currently co-authoring a book on art and music in Celtic cultures. Her Graduate Thesis, "God as Creator to Gaia as Process," has been recommended for publication. Her paintings try to converse with the universality of relationship, like some mystic lantern seeing into the cells of all creation.

"To look at any art without a sense of poetry, without a capacity for metaphor, leaves us with nothing but dead objects to decorate our walls." Joseph Campbell

Ursula Wyatt Trudeau

Fleeting Impressions
Soft focus, of minimal surreal landscapes, creatures & figure. Linear detail.

Montreal born and educated, Usrla (B.F.A.) studied art at the Montreal Ecole des Beaux Arts and painting with the late Hans Hoffman in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Stanley Cosgrove and Alfred Pellan in Montreal, Quebec. She resides and Paints in the Adirondacks and Caribbean.
Extensive traveling has offered a wide variety of freelance and commercial art work ranging from visualization (layouts), fashion illustration, hand painted billboards, costume design, and set designing for both theater and television, window displays, child portraiture, teaching children's art classes and textile designing.
Her work is included in private collections in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Palm Springs, Burlington, Atlanta, Albany, Ottawa, San Fransisco, Williamsburg, St. John, USVI, Newport, RI, Connecticut, London, and Paris.