Shannon Drowne | [re]visit

Shannon Drowne

on display:

11th March 2010 thru the 3rd April 2010
(meet the artist opening reception Thursday, March 11th from 6-8p)

[re]visit is an exploration of physical and emotive responses to previous experiences.

Physically the work is created using proofs, recycled material, and images that comprise other, whole art pieces. The idea behind reusing these images stemmed from two distinct sources, the first being the need to conserve materials. I have been thinking about how my work could better address environmental concerns without being overbearing. Reusing and recycling materials such as old book illustrations has fulfilled this need. The second reason is the overwhelming amount of art being collected in flat files in my studio. I have on occasion had to cleanse my studio of work, sometimes unwillingly. I find this process spiritually uplifting as it clears out the old and makes room for new. My developed method of working, which involves using parts of older prints to create experimental collages, provides this cleansing. Printmaking is unique in that it allows for multiples of the same image. The editioning process has become less important in my artwork but it has allowed me to take elements from the same edition and combine them in different contexts.

The emotive responses I refer to stem from childhood experiences and dreams. Rather than explaining the particular incident visually I use symbols and colors to elicit reaction. Some common objects contained in the collages are hands and chairs. These items specifically reference childhood happenings. I had some rather traumatic experiences in my youth. As the oldest of four girls, I often felt the need to protect my siblings. The hand represented in many images can be interpreted as protective or violent. Likewise, the chair can reference punishment or play. In an effort to maintain peace and quiet my sisters and I would be sent outside to divert the racket. Often our entertainment would include using discarded chairs, pots, and kitchen utensils.
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Todd Smith, "reflectitons of abandonment". Opening Reception: May 6th at 6p. Show runs thru May 29th.