kyle COFFIN: Waiting

kyle COFFIN: Waiting
July 19 - August 3rd 2008
Opening Friday, July 20th at 6p 

My paintings are examinations of myself. I am investigating my own relationships with other people and personal fears concerning my acceptance into society.  I place the figure in various surroundings to enhance the truth that we are all inevitably alone regardless of our circumstances. Each setting appears recognizable; however each figure remains alienated from its surroundings, thus illuminating the tension between people and their situation.

My interest lies predominantly in surrealism, in particular I use imagery that reflects my own feelings of solitude, anonymity and discomfort amidst a media-frenzied world.  I utilize a sense of realistic representation accompanied by characteristic marks derived from emotional context.  I believe the human face describes what many people are unable or unwilling to convey verbally.  I employ the use of masks to communicate the ambiguity that people portray as they interact in society.   

The latest work derived from a particular place I have felt the most uncomfortable intertwined with certain emotions and changes I am experiencing as I begin to write a new chapter my life.  I have found an outlet in painting allowing me to reveal the reservations that attribute to the imagery I create.